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‘VPN4BD’ the latest version of V4B. It has been launched recently with some tremendous features which triggered you to get a massive performance for your call termination business. So let’s start your call termination business with new features of ‘V4B’.

General Features:

  1. Super Faster Web Login
  2. Smart Interface
  3. Customize Theme
  4. Smart Setting Of Prefix
  5. Dynamic Time O’clock On Web Panel
  6. Super Faster Call Processing
  7. Smart CDR Panel
  8. Ensure Maximum ACD & ASR
  9. Call Failed Report
  10. Call Security

Technical Features:

  1. Save Bandwidth Cost Up To 85%
  2. It Works With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
  3. Supports Major Audio Codecs Like G723.1, G729, AMR, GSM, G711 Etc.
  4. It Bypasses All Kinds of Firewall & VOIP Blockage For Call Termination.
  5. Compression Available For STM, Telecom Operator.
  6. Compatible to Work With All Kinds of Internet Like Broadband, Satellite, WiFi, WiMax, 3G, 4G etc.

Advance Level Features:

  1. Strong Security
  2. Call Threshold Limit
  3. Caller ID: Showing In Web Panel
  4. SIM Protection Facilities
  5. Dynamic Call Duration
  6. Fake Call Detection
  7. Inter Calling Facilities
  8. Can Make Your Own Profile
  9. Dynamic Call Failover.
  10. Real Time: Message , Notification And Live Help In Panel
  11. Billing: It Performs like A Softswitch For Monitoring Gateway Minutes.
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