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VPN4BD is developed to reduce bandwidth uses in VOIP with a special compression method without any compromise with voice quality. It will support you with efficiency .

Benefit of V4B:

Strong Security:

We are widely recognized as a specialist strong security provider for V4B solution with longstanding experience in VoIP sector. Doesn’t matter where you are using V4B or which network is using on V4B because it’s totally Untraceable. No one can trace our system. As well as we keep strong security for V4B web panel login page. If anyone try to login more than 5 times by wrong password then ID will block automatically. V4B provides high level of privacy & security behind the internet. Your service is running with USA/EU Server IP. It works like tunneling which bypasses all types of firewall and blockage.

Smart Routing Strategy:

We always think to make easier customer needs. Routing strategy is one of the most vital part for smooth operation. V4B follows several types of routing strategy such as – 1. Priority Routing 2. Random Routing 3. Static Routing

Inter Calling Facilities:

Inexistence of HBS (Human behavior simulation) is one of the main cause for SIM blockages. We know that, all SIM uses for call termination only for outgoing & no incoming on those SIM. In this case, Machine can easily read those SIM that these are using on VoIP purpose. That’s why we synthesis HBS (Human behavior simulation) on V4B by using inter-calling system, which is very much effective to reduce your SIM block.

SIM Protection:

It’s a million dollar question for all non-cli users “How to stop SIM blocking”. Truly speaking, there is no solution in this world which can 100% stop your SIM blocking. But we are the first in this sector that we implement a different kinds of logic on V4B to protect your SIM like; minimum & maximum digit to call, max attempt of number in minutes and hour, controlling call duration limit & many more.

Fake call Detection:

It’s a big thought “How to avoid fake calls” because fake calls is one of the most serious case for SIM blockages. We would like to announce that V4B is able to perfectly avoid fake calls. Its call filtering technology will make sure you to get safe calls so that SIM blockage will reduce.

Caller ID:

V4B creates an option to see caller id in admin panel, that’s have the ability to identify unknown callers. It’s will make new experience, smarter and more delightful call.

Does not need any static IP:

V4B provides additional features to variety of internet connections like: Wi-Max, Wi-Fi, 3G or Satellite. Here no Static IP required, IP will be auto detected from our selected IP.

QoS Controller:

The Network Calculation is operated based on QoS algorithms which ensures the best VoIP quality and boldness, avoid dropped calls, voice breaking, noises etc.

Faster Connectivity:

The speed for your WAN network will be the aggregate of the Internet access lines plugged into the V4B. As a result, you will get faster connectivity than previous condition.


Compared to equivalent single line services from the same ISPs, the monthly bandwidth cost will be reduced up to 85%, whether it is not affecting your service & timing (pick or off-pick) yet.

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